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I’m Kellie, a thirty something mother of an amazing 5 year old boy, the wife of a sickeningly talented musician and a comping obsessive. I LOVE travel. I live for it. Any kind of travel is fine by me, UK or abroad, short, long or day trips. As long as our little family are together and having fun, I’m happy. Nowadays, I find travelling quite a physical challenge and this makes me even more determined to do it as often as possible!

Since 2013, I have had drastically reduced mobility and a variety of long-term health conditions. For an independent, ambitious and formerly active person, this has been a very difficult adaptation.

Since becoming disabled and largely housebound, I’ve focussed on entering competitions online for a welcome distraction from the pain and boredom. Even better, the wins have helped my family to live a life closer to the one we had planned before my health deteriorated. Particularly financially, with holidays that we would not otherwise afford.

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How did I get started?

During the boredom of long-term maternity/sick leave, I found a baby accessories competition online. Quickly, I discovered that it wasn’t the only competition available to me by a long shot! Since then, I’ve managed to develop my passion for comping into a profitable hobby, that has allowed my family to live a life that is definitely beyond our current means. Pop over to my post about comping successes and see what a positive impact finding comping, has had on my life.

So, what is ‘Comping’?

Comping is simply a term applied to regularly entering competitions, usually as a hobby. So, after five years of boring my friends and family talking about it, I’ve decided to blog about it and bore the entire world instead! Well, maybe not you. I expect that you’ve found me whilst looking for competitions to enter online!? Am I right? So you may actually want to read what I have to say? Well, I hope so.

Anyway, if there’s anything in this old head of mine that’s of value to the outside world, it’s my knowledge of finding, entering and winning online competitions. This is my space to share my advice and successes with you and help to transform you into a successful comper too. There are plenty of tips, tricks and short cuts that I have come across over the years, which I’ll be happy to share with you. I will also be hosting regular competitions myself, as I’m keen to get involved with the world of giving prizes, as well as receiving them!

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