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Bristol CBD Oil Review

As a person who lives with many painful health conditions, I’m always on the lookout for new pain relief options. I feel very lucky, therefore, to be collaborating with Bristol CBD for this amazing giveaway (edit – Now closed) Before we get into that however, I’d love to share my experience of using Bristol CBD’s full spectrum CBD oil with you.

Who are Bristol CBD?

Bristol CBD are a specialist CBD oil supplier that deal exclusively in full spectrum CBD oils. They offer a range of 6 different strengths of oil, from 300mg right through to 2000mg. Each strength is available in a oil dropper or spray bottle. There is also a paste available if that’s your preference.

2 bottles of Briston CBD oil, one dropper top and one spray

The company was created by two natural healthcare practitioners, inspired by the many stories they had heard about the amazing health benefits of CBD.  They produce their own high quality CBD products, all of which are extracted from handpicked organic hemp sativa, using CO2 extraction. Each extract contains CBD (cannabidiol), and the full spectrum of healthy cannabinoids as well as terpenes and omega 3 fatty acids. The THC content is safely below the EU legal threshold of 0.2%. Lab reports for this CBD oil are available on their website, so you can be sure that you’re getting a legal, safe and high quality product. The product is also 100% vegan, which is something that is very important to me.

Bristol CBD are a small, independent company that are genuinely passionate about what they do. Their reviews on Trustpilot are glowing and they have a rating of excellent, which is no mean feat with the honesty laden online review culture. I was honoured that they chose me to write a review of their fantastic product.

What are the health benefits of CBD

CBD is a buzz word nowadays, but in the event that you’re still in the dark about it, please be assured, it’s not marijuana! CBD (cannabidiol), whilst derived from the cannabis plant, has such a minute percentage of THC (the psychoactive aspect of cannabis) that it cannot make you “high”. It is also perfectly legal in the UK and has been for some time. There is a very helpful blog section on the Bristol CBD website which has plenty more information on the subject.

The health benefits of CBD are many and varied. As someone with health conditions that remain unresolved by conventional medicine, I am a huge advocate for the use of CBD health products and cannabis based medicines in general, for the treatment of chronic and terminal illnesses.

CBD has been successfully used in the treatment of chronic pain conditions such as arthritis, fibromyalgia and M.E, as well as epilepsy, anxiety and depression. It has also been very successfully used alongside cancer treatments. I won’t provide links to lots of case studies here, as a quick Google search will provide you with all you need to know.

I’ve tried and tested a quite a number of CBD products myself in the quest to find comfort from a life of continuous pain. This is why I feel that my knowledge and experience will provide you with a fair and useful review of this product. I would like to clarify that I am not being compensated for this review, however, I did receive a bottle of Bristol CBD oil for free in exchange for my honest review.

My experience using Bristol CBD Oil

As someone who understands the desperation of needing solace from pain, sleeplessness and anxiety, I feel ethically bound to provide an honest review to my fellow sufferers. I have no intention of providing false hope or miracle cure suggestions here. What I will give you, is a thorough report of my experience using Bristol CBD oil, which I really hope will help you to decide if this could be a good option for you.

Please remember that all medicines and health supplements, whether prescribed or complimentary, react differently in different individuals. My review is specific to my experience and you may not necessarily have the same one.

My Illness

I don’t go into the details of my health conditions too much in my blog, however, for the purpose of helping others suffering with similar issues… Firstly there’s hypermobility syndrome. This caused sacroilliac joint dysfunction in my pregnancy and left me with frequently subluxating hips, which will eventually develop into arthritis, if it hasn’t already. I also have arthritis of the knees and my patella subluxate regularly too. As a result of these conditions, I live with severe hip, groin, leg and spinal pain daily and haven’t walked without the support of crutches for over 5 years.

Recently, I’ve also been diagnosed with endemetriosis and large polyps in the uterus, for which I’m due to undergo surgery. On top of this, I suffer from undiagnosed nerve issues including pain, regular foot drop in one or both feet and severe arm spasms. Samples of my nerves have been sent to the rare diseases lab at Oxford University to investigate this, but I am currently still in the dark.

A picture of Kellie on her crutches with her son in a field.

Bristol CBD Oil Usage Diary

Day 1

I received the oil today and was very excited to try it. I’ve read all of the literature and great reviews about Bristol CBD. Honestly, I am going into this with somewhat high hopes, so will try to remain level headed.

I realise that I’ve been supplied the 300mg CBD oil, which it suggests is for sensitive people and beginners. This causes some concern that I won’t feel any effects, as I am neither a beginner, nor sensitive to CBD.

At 11am I take the first dose. The information leaflet suggests that you take it 2 hours after prescribed medication (I take a lot of painkillers). I’m incredibly pleasantly surprised by the sheer strength of this oil. I have had CBD oils claiming to be 1000mg that haven’t had anywhere near the impact that this 300mg does. My main feeling is an overall sense of relaxation. Whilst it doesn’t kill the pain for me, it certainly helps me to deal with it.

At 3pm, I’m not quite as desperate for my next opiate intake as I usually am. This is really significant for me. This is definitely the best CBD product that I’ve tried to date.

Day 2

I ended up taking 3 doses yesterday and definitely felt more relaxed and able to cope with my pain. The doses of my prescribed medication all wound up being spread further apart than usual, which was very satisfying.

I have no doubts whatsoever about the quality of Bristol CBD oil at this point and am really keen to adjust the dosage to my needs. It is lovely to be more relaxed and not itching for the next opiates, 3 hours after the last dose.  But I do feel that this has the potential to go so much further for me, at the correct dosage.

I plan to up the intake to 4 times today, leaving the last dose until bed time. I’ve heard amazing things about the restful sleep CBD can bring, i’ve just not experienced it. With the level of relaxation I’ve experienced so far with this oil, however, it makes sense that this would be the case.

Day 3

Ok, wow! Last night something very odd happened. I slept! I slept a normal human amount and went to bed incredibly early (for me). As someone who goes to bed between 2.30 and 3.00am every night (morning), I’m endlessly tired. Last night I fell asleep on the sofa at 10pm. My husband nearly died of shock, as he’s always in bed hours before I am, and I had to take myself off to bed at 10.30.

I got up this morning at 6, (I have a 4-year-old!) but this time, after having 7 HOURS SLEEP!! This is the most amount of continuous sleep I’ve had for about 6 years. I feel wonderful. Actually, I genuinely don’t remember this feeling of not being completely exhausted. I think we can say that the extra dose was a win. Just a remarkable transformation.

Day 4

So, I’ve given Bristol CBD a thorough testing for 3 days and have to say that I’m stunned with the success. If such a small dose has this level of impact on my mood and ability to sleep, I’m genuinely excited to try a higher dosage and see where it takes me.

Obviously I have a lot of health conditions, most of which are here to stay. If you live with chronic pain though, you will understand that even a 25% reduction in suffering would be absolutely life changing. I highly recommend giving Bristol CBD oil a try if you have any symptoms or conditions that are similar to mine.

You can contact them in any of the following ways:





a cu p of herbal tea and a bottle of Bristol CBD oil in the sun

Giveaway (Now Closed)

Please note: This giveaway has now closed

Please look out for future giveaways with this brand from March 2019 onwards.

So now for the important stuff! I have a bottle of Bristol CBD 300mg full spectrum CBD oil to give away to one lucky reader! Please click here to go to the giveaway page.

Thank you for reading and please feel free to ask any questions about my symptoms or the effects of the oil. If I can help anyone that is suffering to feel just a little better, it would make my day, as I know how much it means!

25 thoughts on “Bristol CBD Oil Review”

  1. I really want to try this, I’ve heard it could help with my anxiety and help me sleep. Even just a slight improvement would be amazing. thanks for the competition

  2. Hi Laura. I would very much recommend giving it a try. I completely understand the desire for the slightest improvement, I’d love to hear if you do find that it helps you once you’ve had the chance to try! All the best, Kellie

  3. I’m glad to hear CBD is helping you Janet. It’s always nice to find some relief isn’t it?! I am getting on very well with Bristol CBD, it’s a really high quality product.

  4. Me too Ruth, I’ve never managed to actually get pain relief, but I really am starting to think it might be possible now. I’m certainly gong to try a higher dose. All the best with it!

  5. I am so tempted. I don’t get pain but I’m a mess in just about every other way – mostly because I am exhausted almost beyond functioning. If I could have a few weeks of sleeping more than 2 or 3 hours at a time it would transform my life

  6. I can totally understand that Victoria. Sleep is absolutely essential. I live in a vicious cycle of not being able to sleep due to pain and then being in more pain because I haven’t slept enough. Sometimes having something to break the cycle is a real bonus! All the best and I hope you manage to find some solice. x

  7. This is really helpful, thank you for sharing your experience! I have Hypermobility Syndrome, and my pelvis became really unstable in pregnancy, leading to terrible back spasms and instability in my hips ever since (my son is now 7 and last year the council gave us a bungalow as I could no longer cope with stairs in our private rental). I also have Endometriosis, so hearing from someone who has two of the same conditions as I have is really helpful. I tried some CBD oil before, but it didn’t really seem to do much. I am aware that different brands will vary though, so I shall definitely be checking out Bristol CBD. I’m so glad to hear you’ve experienced some real relief from it 🙂

  8. Hi Amanda! I have to say that I was in a small amount of shock, but incredibly comforted by your message. I have NEVER met or even heard of anyone that had the same issues as I do, particularly around pregnancy, so as much as I am very sorry that you have them, it’s lovely to meet someone that makes me feel like less of a freak of nature. If you ever want to have a chat about health related stuff, or anything really, please feel free to add me on facebook and give me a private message. I took a little look at your blog and almost unbelievably, there are even more health conditions that we share in common. Remarkable!!

    In terms of Bristol CBD, I really would recommend them, but I would definitely go with a higher dose, probably 100mg. That’s recommended for chronic pain and it’s the one I will be trying as soon as I can afford to.

    Lovely to meet you. Take care and good luck with the competition x

  9. I’m so glad it helped relieve your pain! I currently don’t even take anything for one of my current conditions (Neuropathy in my legs and feet) because of the side effects of the medication that they can offer me. It will do more harm to my liver than it will help with my pain. I’m hoping that CBD oil can help me.

  10. I can appreciate that, as I’ve had medication cause other issues for me aside from what I am using it for! I think small fibre neuropathy is one of the things they are looking for in me at the moment with my unexplained nerve issues. I hope that you get some relief from CBD!! All the best

  11. Interesting to read your experience with it, very useful. I have MS and have been meaning to look into CBD oil.

  12. Thank you Kellie 🙂 I will definitely be entering the competition (are all entries optional?) and if I’m not lucky I will be seriously considering buying some (basically – as long as finances permit!) and I have everything crossed it helps. When does the code expire please?

  13. Hi Victoria. Yes all of the entries are optional, so whichever you would prefer. There are also a couple that are daily to give you a few extra chances. The discount code will be active for at least as long as the competition is open and potentially beyond that if there is enough interest and I am able to negotiate it with Bristol CBD. Good luck!

  14. Going to give this a try for the arthritis in my knee caused by wet jodhpurs as a child.

  15. Amazing review and a very in depth look at CBD oil! I’d love the opportunity to try this one and see if it helps Alleviate My pain!

  16. Great to read this review – I’ve been thinking about trying this for pains I have in my hips as really don’t like taking painkillers all the time and they only seem to help a small amount

  17. Glad that this gave you some relief and hope it continues to do so! I have been having problems with nerve pain and arms spasms so would love to try this. x

  18. A friend suffers badly with some sort of migraine a few times a month – so debilitating – and takes CBD which works as the doctors say nothing else can e done. I will pass on your blog to read. She may be buying some herself.

  19. Hi Romona

    The giveaway has actually ended now, but do please feel free to pass on the discount code to your friend if she would like to try it! It’s PRIZE20 and should continue to work until at least tomorrow – potentially longer if I can swing it.

  20. Thanks Angela. Some relief is always welcome isn’t it when the pain is constant. I hope that you are able to get your issues sorted out and good luck trying the oil!

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