Calibre Support Posture Corrector Review + Giveaway

Calibre Support are a UK based provider of premuim healthcare aids and neoprene supports. They have very kindly gifted me one of their posture correctors in exchange for a review. All opinions about the product are my own.

My review

On discovering the Calibre Support Posture Corrector, I was keen to try it out. I suffer with a lot of back pain and will consider any potential pain relief options. It’s worth noting, that the majority of my pain comes from medical conditions rather than usual daily offenders such as incorrect posture. So from the outset, I didn’t expect to put on a posture corrector and be ultimately cured of back pain.

Having said that, I work from home, so I don’t have the luxury of ergonomic office furniture and a health and safety officer (although I was one, years ago). The point is, I know I don’t sit in the optimum position for my back whilst working and therefore see how the posture corrector would benefit me.

I have to admit that I was a little underwhelmed by the posture correctors appearance. It’s a very simplistic bundle of straps that looks like Frankenstein created something with a broken back pack and a seat belt. Nevertheless, ‘never judge a book by it’s cover’ is a quote that I live by.

Instructions for use

If you’re like me, you may think the instructions are too simple and that you must be missing something, but I assure you, that’s not the case. All you have to do is imagine that you’re putting on and tightening a backpack. Just be careful to have the company logo facing outwards. I made my husband try it on so that I could demonstrate this for you.

As you can see, my husband has quite rounded shoulders and therefore is the perfect candidate for a posture corrector. He decided to keep it on for a little bit out of curiosity.

Were there any benefits?

When I put the posture corrector on, I was really surprised by how dramatic an effect it had. I’ve always had good posture, but it became immediately apparent that working was causing me to lean forward slightly. The posture corrector is like having a constant reminder that you’re doing something wrong. But in a good way!

We all know that it’s better for our spine if we don’t slouch, but that’s not really at the forefront of your mind whilst engrossed in work. An anecdote came to me whilst wearing the posture corrector. My Nan (who’s 85 next Tuesday) is left handed, so being of an era when left handedness was “the devil”, her school Maam hovered over her with a cane, smacking her left hand if she dared to use it. The posture corrector is basically an old fashioned school Maam for your back – although I might add that it doesn’t feel like a cane across the knuckles!

My husband agreed that wearing it does instantly improve your posture. We could both see that over a long period of time, you would probably be totally retrained to sit upright without the need to even wear it.  It’s perfectly comfortable, however, so there’s no reason not to wear it indefinitely.

Long term usage

In the long term, I can’t see how having an improved posture wouldn’t improve back pain symptoms, particularly those in the upper back. This product does what is says on the pack, it certainly improves your posture. I recommend giving this a go if you suffer from upper back pain or even if you just work long hours sitting and would like to maintain your back health.

You can purchase them from Amazon for £15.99 or you can try and win one below for free!


If you would like a chance to win the above posture corrector, click here to go to the giveaway page. If you can’t wait to see if you’ve won, Calibre products can be found on Amazon.

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