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New flavoured CBD products from Bristol CBD

You may remember that I wrote a pretty thorough review on the CBD oil available from Bristol CBD. If you’re interested in trying CBD, but unsure about it, then hopefully you will find my review helpful. You can read it here.

I’ve continued to use Bristol CBD oil since my original review and now I’m very happy to be teaming up with them once again for an exciting giveaway. As you may remember, I had nothing but good things to say about the quality of Bristol CBD’s product. The only issue for myself, and many others I know, is that the taste of CBD oil is pretty tough to get past!

It’s really not so bad you know, once you get past the taste

Believe me when I say, the bad taste of CBD is not a supplier thing. I’ve tried it in lots of different forms and from lots of different suppliers. CBD oil just tastes plain bad!

But, much like when you eat up your greens because you know they’re good for you, the benefits of CBD usually outweigh the taste. It’s a tough taste to describe really other than very earthy and very strong.

For those of you who have tried and just can’t get on with the natural taste, however, you will be happy to know that Bristol CBD have now launched both flavoured oils and CBD chocolate (which is also vegan – yay!!)

CBD Chocolate

CBD Chocolate


I tried the CBD chocolate by Bristol CBD some time ago, as it was the first of their flavoured options and also, feels like a bit of a treat. It tastes great, is suitable for vegans and there is a decent amount of CBD (minimum 10mg) in the fairly small 30g bar.

I think Bristol CBD would benefit from a range of different sizes and strengths of chocolate products, much like the oils that they offer. I’m sure their variety of products will continue to grow with their popoularity and I will be keeping a close eye on future options.

For now, their delicious CBD chocolate bar is on offer for just £2.99 (usually £3.99). What’s more, you can also use my discount code to get an additional 15% off your entire order. Just use PRIZE20 at checkout.

Flavoured Oils

Peppermint flavoured CBD Oil

I was really pleased to find out about Bristol CBD’s new flavoured CBD oil options. As much as there is no questioning the quality of the oils that they offer, admittedly, they do taste pretty bad. Obviously there are some ways to abide the taste. For example, hiding it in food or eating a sweet tasting item directly afterwards. I find that peanut butter works pretty well for this! What would be so much easier though, is if it just tasted better.

Enter the new flavoured oils, which include 500mg peppermint oil and 1000mg gold oil with lemon flavour. Bristol CBD have very kindly gifted me the peppermint oil to try.

As I usually use the 1000mg oil, I had to double my dosage with this oil. This made me even more grateful for the new peppermint flavour. Don’t get me wrong, there is still the hint of CBD taste in the oil, but the peppermint taste is pretty strong and certainly makes it much easier to swallow. I am really keen to try the lemon one, particularly as it’s at my correct dosage, so that will be my next purchase.

I would highly recommend trying flavoured oil options for those of you that don’t get on with the standard CBD oil taste. Even if you don’t mind it so much, sometimes a change in flavour is a welcome treat.


Bristol CBD have very kindly given me some additional items for a giveaway.

  • First prize is a bottle of the new peppermint flavoured CBD oil.
  • Also, for this competition, I will also have 2 runner up prizes available! Both lucky runners up will receive a bar of the delicious CBD chocolate shown above.

Discount Code

If you can’t wait until the competition closes to try these new products, then you can benefit from my discount code PRIZE20 which will get you 15% of your order. Please note that I do get a small affiliate payment from this, but at no extra cost to yourself.


CBD Peppermint Oil and Chocolate

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