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My Top 5 Favourite Competition Listing Sites

Finding Competitions

Competition listing sites and forums take a lot of the hard work out of finding the prizes you want. There are a fair few of these available now and each comper will have their preferences, based on what they feel matches their needs. Below I have listed my top 5 favourite sites. These are the sites that I use every day, listed in order of preference.

#1: Competition Database

My absolute favourite comping site is competition Database. I just feel that this site is the best thought out in terms of what a comper might want. It is straightforward, organised, methodical and allows you to manipulate the prize list in a number of useful ways. The site is updated with a huge amount of competitions on a daily basis, by both the site owners and registered users.

Features that I love:

  • If you register for a free account, you can keep a track of every competition that you have entered through the site.
  • Your name is searchable in the site winner announcements, based on your tracked list.
  • The prize list can be filtered to show multiple categories, whilst leaving out any that don’t interest you.
  • You can filter the prize list to only show prizes of a certain minimum value or search the entire list by sorting into prize value groups i.e ‘Very High Value (£500+)’. I haven’t found this feature anywhere else!
  • If there is a prize provider that you would never want to win from (i.e any company selling meat or dairy products for me, as I’m a vegan) you can choose to hide all future competitions from that provider. Again, this is a feature that I haven’t seen elsewhere and I love it!


Screeshot from Competition Database website

#2 The Prize Finder

Another site that I love is The Prize Finder. This site offers free registration and is updated daily with a large amount of competitions and prize draws. At the time of posting there were 2579 active competitions. This site also provides the use of a handy little tracker tool so that you can mark comps either entered, ignored or saved for later. When entering as many competitions per day as I do, this function is more necessary, than a bonus.

Features that I love:

  • You can search the entire list across all categories for competitions that close that day. This helps you to prioritize those with limited time left to enter.
  • You can sort by prize category to only show certain prize types, for example, I will always search by the category ‘Holidays’ first.
  • You can filter the categories to show only a particular entry method, for example, all Twitter competitions
  • They have a ‘Monthly Winner’s Stories‘ competition, where they award a £50 gift voucher per month to the member they feel submitted the best story about what they won using The Prize Finder.

Prizefinder homepage screenshot

#3 Loquax

Loquax is a forum style site that lists competitions, casino offers and has a discussion forum where registered users can chat about them. They were the first competition listing site in the UK and are still going strong 21 years later! This site is maintained by user submission and has a good amount of new listings added daily. Despite being a forum layout, they do have very nice filtering and entry marking features.

I recently spoke to Jason at Loquax and he told me that they are in the process of giving Loquax a bit of a facelift to make it more mobile friendly. He also pointed me to their blog www.loquax.co.uk/blog/, which has a lot of interesting articles about competitions related news. I will certainly be keeping up with this one myself, now that I know about it.

Features that I love:

  • You have the option to sort the competitions by those closing within the next day
  • They have their own giveaways every month, which has great quirky prizes, such as bread slippers!
  • The posted links are not masked by Loquax and therefore your browser will recognise if you have already visited them via another site (these links should be purple, dependent on browser). This is a really helpful feature and prevents confusion and duplicate entry.
  • You can click to thank the person that uploaded the link. This is not essential, but I think it’s always nice to show your gratitude. Also if the users that are uploading links feel appreciated, they are more likely to continue doing so.
  • You can click ahead and enter all competitions closing on any given date within about 30 days

Screeshot from the Loquax website

Top 3

Before moving on, I should put a caveat that I consider the below two websites to be secondary sources. They are the next best websites for if I manage to complete all of the listings available on the top 3, which really are the best in existence, in my humble opinion. At the weekend, there tend to be fewer listings all round, so you might find yourself moving onto options 4 or 5, but on the last day of the month, when 90% of competitions meet their end dates, there is very little chance that I will be going beyond the top 3! 

#4: Latest Deals Competitions

Latest Deals is a vouchers, deals and freebies listing site, but I have found the competitions section to be increasingly impressive on this site. There are a decent amount of new uploads per day and I find that some of the competitions listed here, don’t necessarily appear on the other sites mentioned above. The layout is a little different, but I quite enjoy it. It is simplistic and yet has some good filter features.

Features that I love:

  • You can search by any or all entry methods and any or all amounts of entries allowed at the same time, for example ‘all Gleam competitions that can be entered on a daily basis’. I don’t recall seeing this feature elsewhere and am pretty sure it’s exclusive to them at this time. Really useful!
  • A lot of the magazine competitions, such as ‘Take a Break’ are listed with the answers to every page. I can understand why some people might not agree with this, but for someone who doesn’t buy magazines, I appreciate the effort and always thank the users listing this information.
  • Each competition shows you how many users have entered via that link. Whilst the accuracy is negligible, given the competition is likely listed across numerous sites, it gives an idea of whether a prize will be popular or not.
  • There is a point system in place for those users that share competitions or deals on the site. These points can be collected over time and exchanged for vouchers.


Screeshot from the Latest Deals Competition page from their website

#5: Competitions Time

Competitions Time is a comparatively small listings site, however, it does still have valuable content and some nice features. Again, it has a slightly different layout and approach to listing, but still uses the general prize type and competition type categories. You are able to search for all new competitions, but the ability to search by those closing soon is missing.

Features that I love:

  • Each post has an entry page preview and this can be helpful in reminding you whether you have already visited the page. Sometimes there are numerous websites offering the same prize, so the prize title alone is not always enough to recognise it.
  • Competitions are rated in terms of ease to enter and effort required. You also have the opportunity to contribute to this rating on each post viewed.
  • It provides you with a list of the details required from you to enter each competition, which saves you time if they are asking for information that you do not want to give away.


Screenshot from competition time website

Which are your favourites?

I hope that you will find this list useful and enjoy finding yourself lots of prizes to lust after. Let me know in the comments which competition listing sites are your favourites and why. There are certainly many more sites available than the ones I have mentioned, these are just my favourites based on my personal comping requirements and preferences. I would also highly recommend looking at SuperLucky, which is a far more established competitions blog than my own. It has invaluable information that Di Coke has gathered over 20 plus years of comping success.

16 thoughts on “My Top 5 Favourite Competition Listing Sites”

  1. Didnt know about Competitions Time, so its now my new favourite, and helping me get some motivation!

  2. Hiya and thanks for your blog & good luck.I too am a SuperLucky fan I love the Rafflecopters comps. I usually go on the Loquax closing soon when I have the time.

  3. Hi Hayley

    Ooh that’s great, I love that I pointed you to a new site. I actually have a few more up my sleeve that are smaller scale comping pages, so I might do another post on those and hopefully you can find some more gems.

  4. Competition data base is my favourite – super lucky di –

  5. I use Loquax mainly as it’s easy to use and filter competitions how you want.

  6. Thanks for this, there’s a couple on there I didn’t know about.

  7. Hi kellie,
    I lov the site, so much thought gone into it, and work on your part, everything just doesn’t drop into place, so I for one say Thank You, you must have put hours in the site. I see there’s a couple of Gems in yours above that I have not heard off. Can I ask you kellie please do you only enter competitions on the interrnet or do you send off post card entries and so such. I never enter the ones on the phone, that is a NO No for me, as I mentioned to you I earlier and I am a member of a magazine one to, and wondered hence my question, do you only do internet based,

  8. Hi Audrie

    First of all, thank you so much for your lovely comment and feedback. It actually was a lot of work and more than that, it took me a really long time to take the plunge with this blog as I wasn’t convinced I had anything worth reading. So, your comment really means a lot to me, thank you!

    In terms of entry, I only enter online. I want my hobby to be completely free, but also, there are just so many competitions available online these days, that I have never ever found the need to go outside of it. I grew up watching my Nan send off her entries to about 3 magazines worth of competitions on a postcard every single week for 20+ years, and bless her, she never won a thing. That was a lot of envelopes and postage money that could have gone elsewhere!

    Still, there are people that have success comping in many different ways, this is just my preference. I wish you all the luck with your comping!

  9. I have always used the prize finder, might take a look at some others

  10. Hi, thank you for mentioning Latest Deals as a great place to find competitions. To clarify, the number of entrants figure is from Latest Deals only, not an estimate of total entrants from every website. Thank you again, Tom

  11. Hi Tom. Oh you’re welcome, it’s a great source! I think I will have a look at re-wording what I wrote, as I think you’ve misunderstood what I meant. What I meant was, that using the numbers of entries on Latest Deals comparatively to each other, will give you an indicator to their overall popularity online. For example, some types of prizes will have less than 50 entries and others will always be in the multiple 100s, for example, cash. You can bet that if 600 have entered on Latest Deals, then it will be a popular competition all round and vice versa with the low entry comps. I hope that makes sense? I’ll have a go at updating the blog post above to reflect it more clearly too.

  12. Just to mention, for any people new to comping, that The Prize Finder listings unfortunately include “competitions” from spammy sites like MyOffers. Compers should be aware that the probability of winning a competition from MyOffers etc. is very low, while the likelihood that your inbox will be flooded with spam is close to 100%!

  13. Hi Fiona, thanks for your point. It is entirely true that there are a few links to spam competition sites on The Prize Finder, however I wouldn’t let this discourage you if you are a new comper. These are a very small minority and the site offers a huge amount of valid comping links as long as you are careful. I’ve won a lot of prizes via The Prize Finder over the years.

    For those new to comping that are unsure about which sites are safe or not to comp on, I have also created a post about comping sites to avoid, where I highlight the “My Offers” type spammy comping sites to be avoided. You can find it in my Tips and Tricks section.


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