Giveaways November 2018

My November Giveaways

I’m running a number of giveaways throughout November and December. Christmas is an expensive time and I often enter competitions in order to help complete my gift shopping list. I will therefore focus on items that can be given as gifts when chosing the prizes to give away.

Please bear in mind that this is a new blog and I have limited means. These prizes have all been sourced by me, they are not collaborations with companies or larger blogs, so they won’t be as impressive as some prizes that more established bloggers can provide.

I am hoping to list 1 new competition each week until the cut off date of 16th December, to ensure prizes can be received in time for Christmas. This gives you plenty of chances to win. You can also take advantage of the fact that, as I am a very new blogger, my entries will likely be really low. Remember what I said about Improving your chances of winning?

Week 1 – Win a Barbie Colour Change Glam Bag

Barbie and ME Colour Change Glam Bag
This cute and functional Barbie & Me Colour Change Glam Bag, could be yours in time for Christmas. Enter below:

Win a Barbie Colour Change Glam Bag

For more chances to win Barbie related toys, take a peak at my post How to win 2018’s Top Christmas Toys, which talks about the most popular toys this Christmas. Barbie comes in at number 2, followed by the ever popular LEGO!

Week 2 – Win “A Night at the Awards” Board Game

A Night at the Awards Board Game
This quirky and engaging role play style board game could be yours in time for all those dull Christmas parties

A night at the awards board game back of box

A Night at The Awards Board Game

Please see my other live competitions: Win 3 Plush My Little Pony Coin Purses and Win a Christmas themed photo shoot for your kids/pets


I list my free-to-enter competitions on Competition Database!

Competitions listed on Loquax!

I list my competitions on The Prizefinder!

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Please note: There are Amazon affiliate links on this page, this means that I get a small fee from Amazon if you purchase via my link. This does not cost you anything and it allows me to continue to run my blog. Thanks for your understanding.

95 thoughts on “Giveaways November 2018”

  1. Yes I do, thouh it is sad when Christmas prizes don’t turn up unitl January!

  2. Hi Tracy. Yes that is definitely frustrating. I plan on having all of my competition prizes arriving in time for Christmas, hopefully ending the giveaways a little early will allow that to happen for everyone!

  3. Yes I do. I usually manage to win a few nice things such as books and DVDs. I would currently love to win a nice watch for my friend – I keep entering such competitions but no luck so far!

  4. I don’t normally tend to enter many competitions, because I’ve never won anything from the ones that I have enetered and it feels like a bit of a waste of time for me. I suppose it’s a matter of numbers. I’m interested to see what your site has to share about entering competitions.

  5. I spend. every free minute in November and December entering competitions. As it. Is such an expensive time of. Year. With 7 grandchildren who know what they want any prizes. Won are gratefully received. Even winning hampers means what I have saved on goodies can be put towards other things.
    I would love to win toys for the grandchildren and any smellies male or female for the adults.

  6. I comp all the time, so no difference with the time of the year but with 9 grandchildren, toys are always my first port of call!

  7. Hi Cant seem to access the rafflecopter
    Any suggestions please

    I do the same amount as usual – no good getting stressed

  8. I try harder closer to Christmas. I would love to win a laptop for my son.

  9. I like to enter the Advent competitions throughput December, which takes a long time, but you never know what you might win!

  10. I don’t spend any more time in November or December entering comps – or planning what I would like to win – because I win virtually nothing. I would just be really, really disappointed.

  11. Hi Corinna, yes it certainly is a numbers game. If you look at it purely logically, if you enter a huge amount of competitions over an extended period of time, it would be statistically pretty much impossible to never win anything. Obviously not everyone has that amount of time to devote to comping, so hopefully some of my ideas for short cuts and prioritising your time will help. My next post will be on which categories are easiest to win in, so keep your eyes peeled. Thank you so much for reading!

  12. Hi Christina!

    Me too. MY little boy’s birthday is exactly a week before Christmas day and it’s just so expensive. Pretty much all of my comping is devoted to getting him more presents. I will have more toy prizes to come, with a new giveaway listed each week, so please check back!

  13. I comp all the time too Sally, I think I’m addicted. Wow 9 grandchildren! Yes, I bet the toy wins are very helpful at this time of year then. Look out for more toy giveaways later on in the month.

  14. Hi Margaret

    Is it the Gleam form at the bottom of the page, for the board game giveaway that you can’t access? If so, that’s because the giveaway doesn’t start until 8th. If it’s the top one, are you logged into Gleam? I will check it, but the form seems to be accepting other entries. Let me know if you manage it.

    Also, well done on not getting stressed. I definitely get a little stress, especially with the advent competitions. I worry that I might miss out on something lol. Although, I think a little stress can help in certain situations – it makes me work faster.

  15. Hi Martina

    I think I subconciously do too. I comp all year, but I just need things so much more for Christmas gifts. I managed to put a few nice gifts together last year from my wins.

  16. Hi Paula

    I’m not a very Christmassy person, but I have to admit, I quite enjoy the advent competitions. Although, I do find that the focus on them can help take the entries down for the “standard” competitions, giving you a slightly higher chance of winning them, so don’t forget to do those too!

  17. Finger crossed for you Hannah! I usually see a lot of bike competitions on Facebook at this time of year. Good luck

  18. I really love the advent competitions in December, anything I win is a bonus for Christmas

  19. Yes definitely try and win some Xmas presies in November and December which are the busy months. My son has a few games on his Xmas list and daughters beauty items 🙂

  20. I do try and enter more toy competitions in December. Smashers, Treasure X and Polly Pocket are on the list this year.

  21. It’s my first Christmas of comping! Can’t wait to see if I can win presents for my family, I love my hobby x

  22. I just comp like I do throughout the year, just when I can, usually in the evenings, although I have had a few days off in the half term so have done a bit more than usual recently.

  23. I sometimes comp throughout the year if my health allows me to, but I try to do more comps in november & december to win presents. I would be happy with a spa day or break to give to my mum & vouchers to help out with other gifts I need to buy.

  24. Yes I do try to get gifts for everyone, i love the advents time of year. because I hadn’t won much last yr I had a comping bag & I gave each person in the imitate family a gift someone had to have the Booby prize a fish fryer but still useful lol. The kids loved it.

  25. Vouchers are always a great thing to win! I won £500 for Jigsaw last year and managed to get so many gifts with it and still spoil myself, it was lovely! All the best with your health and comping.

  26. I comp all year too, but I end up doing less at half term, because we try and go out on lots of trips and short breaks. I get really stressy when I miss out on my comping for a few days lol

  27. Hi Geri. Ooh that’s exciting. It’s such a buzz isn’t it!? I wish you all the best of luck winning the gifts you want.

  28. Hi Kim

    I have noticed that there are lots of board games available to win these days, they seem to be making a real comeback. Good luck winning your gift list!!

  29. I do a lot all year, but spend a lot more time on competitions in december because I want to win my christmas presents!!

  30. I guess that’s the sensible way Maria, because you could always save up prizes from any month of the year for Christmas presents anyway! I just get the whole Christmas panic thing and I think it does make me comp a bit more intensely than usual lol

  31. I spend more time comping nearer Christmas and I would love to win toys for my son who is 4. I would also love to win gift vouchers to buy presents with.

  32. My son is also 4 Sophie, he wants every single toy he sees, so yes winning some of them certainly helps!! Good luck in your quest.

  33. Not really. I generally enter the same amount of competitions all year round. On my shopping list is a Fingerling Hugs and a LOL Surprise! Interactive Live Pet.

  34. I just comp in my spare time. I spent ages not comping, but have started up again as I’m on maternity leave so I have lots of spare time and not very much money! Comping is the perfect thing for me to use up my extra time and any wins are bonuses really 🙂

  35. That’s when I started too Kelly. Thanks for all the tags on fb btw! Hope you’re enjoying motherhood x

  36. I enter competitions all year round but i do not like the advent ones as many are rubbish prizes (if prizes at all) and are very time consuming. Anything i win i usually save for occasions as we are very poor at the moment so it all helps xx

  37. I do enter more at Christmas during November and December, there is no set wishlist really, moard games, stocking fillers anything age appropriate for my girls i will give it a try x

  38. That’s a great technique Linda. I definitely have a list, but I don’t stick to it rigidly. At the end of the day, up until a certain age, toys are toys to kids and they are generally happy with anything!

  39. Hi Andrea

    I got so annoyed with some of the advents last year! You would spend time going through the process only to find a link to a sale or discount code. As you say, that’s NOT a prize!!

  40. I try to enter more during November and December as it always helps if I can get a few things put away so I don’t have to spend as much – I’m hoping town a few board games and gift sets

  41. I enter more, because there is so much more to enter and the prizes are awesome! Love comping

  42. I enter more, as there is so much more to enter and the prizes are awesome

  43. I do lots more comping in November and December so that I can win xmas presents as xmas is so expensive nowadays

  44. Yes I do to try win stuff for my little girl. Top of my list is a games console or vouchers to buy one as well as toys for stocking fillers.

  45. I’m a compoholic but I think I probably do try a bit harder this time of year

  46. Me too Jeanette, I don’t intend to try harder, but I think the pressure to get more for my little man spurs me on a bit!

  47. I don’t specifically try to win prizes for Christmas, but I do find myself entering a LOT more in December because of the huge amount of Advent comps.

  48. Your blog is really good thank you
    I have taken a lot of great points thanks

  49. I comp all year but its tempting near the festive season to try that bit harder

  50. Yes i have been making more of an effort and concentrating on toys for my kids

  51. I try to win prizes for presents throughout the year, especially looking for presents for children

  52. Hi great idea why do I get im “not allowed to preview ” please

  53. Hi Margaret, what is it that you are unable to preview and I’ll have a look into it for you? Everything looks to be wokring ok from my end at the moment. Thanks

  54. I spend longer comping but because there are more competitions out t, I comp all year and follow the same routine

  55. Yep I love to do comping at Xmas time and wind presents, mostly for myself

  56. I enter competitions regularly but with greater gusto around Christmas, but rarely give prizes as presents.

  57. I try to increase my entries in November/December, but I find entering all the advent comps a bit too much. Winning video games is good for Xmas presents.

  58. yes i enter more around christmas time but then there are many more posted around his time too, and yes i use prizes as presents , as to be honest i couldn’t afford a lot of the things that i have won for my family otherwise

  59. I do but not that it works lol, but presents for my children are on my wish list.

  60. I try to comp more at this time of year, I have 9 grandchildren so Xmas means lots of presents and winning prizes saves me money

  61. Oh my goodness Mandy, 9!? Wow that sounds incredibly expensive. Good luck with the winning, sounds like you need it x

  62. I like to enter the Advent competitions throughput December its so much fun

  63. I love comping. To be honest I find it really relaxing. I only started 2 months ago so haven’t won much yet but I’m enjoying the Chase!

  64. I do to Harriet! I have used comping to relax for quite a while now. If I’m having a tough work day where nothing is going right for me, I just take a break and do some comping. I think it’s the anticipation of potentially winning very cool prizes, it’s a buzz! Good luck in your quest to win, but you certainly have the right attitude to be in it for the long haul 🙂

  65. I love comping especially at Christmas I have 11 grandchildren so it’s lovely to win something to help I try to win gifts toys makeup perfume that sort of thing

  66. I comp throughout the year but I have definitely upped my game! I really want to win some xbox games for my son and an amazon voucher

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