Paperscapes kids’ books review and giveaway

I’m delighted to join forces with Carlton Books for this exciting review and giveaway. Carlton Books have very kindly gifted me copies of four new titles from their Paperscapes series of children’s books, in exchange for an honest review. All opinions within this review are therefore both honest and my own (or my son’s).

I also have a complete set of these lovely books to give away to one lucky reader. So stay with me whilst I explain why these books would be great for your kids!

What’s different about paperscapes books?

I must admit that I’m a bit of a fiend for novelties and things that are out of the ordinary. That’s why, when I saw these unique looking educational books, I just had to have them for my son. The Paperscapes series are beautifully illustrated hardback books for kids, with a twist! They can also, with a little craftiness, become a beautiful work of art.


These stunning books look like your average fact-based reference books. Until you open the first page to find this:

Yes, it is telling you to tear the pages of your beautiful new book! But trust me, it’s fine….

I have to admit that I was a little nervous about this concept at first. My generation was brought up to love and respect books. Scribbling edits into science text books at school (however funny they may have been) or tearing out pages, always ended in detention. There is also the fact that my son is a couple of years younger than the recommended age group for these titles, of 7+. At just turned 5, I wondered if this might end in disaster.

But with a little help from Mommy…


And super careful hands…


He did a great job and I needn’t have worried!


The conclusion being that younger kids, I would suggest 4+, could easily appreciate these books too, with just a bit more parental guidance. The result was beautiful and my son’s reaction was “Wow, it looks like the animals are in real life!” Another noteworthy point, which had concerned me prior to review, was the ‘post popping out’ integrity of the books. Well fear not, each page is constructed of more of a thin cardboard than thick paper. Even with an eager 5-year-old turning pages back and forth, the book’s integrity was, thankfully, not compromised by the loss of its edges.


Which titles are available in the series?

So, once you are past the amazement of books that are also a mini craft project, what do you get from these books? There are four new titles available from the Carlton Paperscapes range, which include:

They are all presented in a lovely simple format, which appeals to a wide age group. There are small concise paragraphs about each creature or topic, with bullet formatted facts picked out. They have chosen to highlight the type of facts that would be most appealing to primary aged kids. You know, the type usually accompanied with an “eeewww” or “woah!” reaction.

The illustrated maps and repeated familiar logo usage throughout, allows for easy fact comparison between pages. For example, each dinosaur has a little knife and fork next to the dietary information, so even pre-readers can recognise this and ask questions about what they see. At the same time, the language doesn’t pander to its youngest audience and I feel that this provides a great feeling of balance. The result being, a broadening of the age range these books would suit, which I would suggest as between 4 and 12 years.


“The Incredible World of Bugs” taught us that mature Braconid Wasp larvae release a paralysing chemical to keep the caterpillar still whilst they chew through it. Nice!

Zeke’s favourite dinosaur is a Pachycephalosaurus, so he enjoyed learning in “The Fearsome World of Dinosaur’s”, how they were herbivores that loved eating seeds, just like him!

We can’t wait to create our journey through space next, with “The Spectacular Journey into Space”

I’m sold, how can I get some?

All four of these awesome titles were released in February 2019 and are available to purchase at a very reasonable £12.99 each from Carlton Books online, Amazon or your local book store. You can also visit their social media pages here to keep on top of new releases:




Or, if you’re feeling lucky, they have also very kindly given me a whole set, worth over £50, to give away to one of you lucky people. Just enter using the Rafflecopter form below for your chance to win!

Enter to win today and You too could create this level of amazement in your child (edit: not guaranteed – he’s a bit over dramatic, bless him)

Zeke’s reaction to finding that the frog on Mommy’s arm is POISONOUS!!! Gasp.


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