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Prize Warriors Facebook Group

Prize Warriors Facebook Group


Why join the Prize Warriors Group?

I have created a Prize Warriors Group on Facebook in order to bring together and help like-minded people who have a passion for entering competitions online.

If you are a seasoned comper, or actually, even if you are not a comper at all, you will probably have noticed the rise in popularity of social media competitions. I’m sure that some of you will have heard that ‘social media competitions are fake’ and ‘exist only to gather your data’. Of course, this can be true, however, in my experience far more often than not, these competitions are run by genuine businesses who are looking for more traffic and are perfectly willing to give up a few of their products in order to get it.

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Social Media Competition Entry

Once you have read my post about social media competitions, you may find that the entry requirements for some of them put you off. They do, me! For example, I hate annoying people. Not to go off on a personal tangent, but I am a person of incredibly low self-esteem and the thought that I may be annoying people, getting in people’s way, taking up people’s time, is all a bit too much to bear. Very British, I know!

Many social media competitions require you to tag people. Tag a friend, or tag 5 friends, or in some cases tag everyone you know. Now, I don’t know about you, but this is something that I am just not comfortable with. None compers tend to see this kind of tagging as spam. But do you know who wouldn’t consider it spam? Me!

What’s the group all about?

And so, the Prize Warriors Facebook Group was created. Click here if you would like to become a member.

On requesting or accepting entry to the group, you simply agree to let members of the group befriend you and tag you in competitions.That’s it! This creates a lovely win win situation. They have met the entry requirements without bugging their friends and family, you have been notified of a competition that you may not otherwise have known about. Simple! And you could even tag them back, validating your entry too.

I am looking into ways of bringing this over to Twitter and Instagram, but due to the difference in set up and inability to create groups, it may take a little longer to work around. Currently we are just leaving posts in the Facebook group, to say that we are happy to be followed on Twitter and accept retweets from people. I guess, the same would work for Instagram, but if you do have any better ideas, I’m open to suggestions!!

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6 thoughts on “Prize Warriors Facebook Group”

  1. Hiya Kellie this is the first time I’ve been on here, I wonder where you usually get most of your prize wins from? As in social media Facebook ,Twitter etc or do you go the full sweep so to speak. Sorry to hear you had such a time healthwise but hope you are improving. Going over to find your Facebook page. Bye! And thanks,

  2. Hi Marie, thanks for visiting and I hope that you enjoy the site. I would say that I have a good spread of wins across social media, ‘normal’ web comps and blogs. I would say that overall, most of my wins have been from online magazines. I was thinking of putting where I won each prize from , but for a lot of them I couldn’t remember – I know that sounds awful. I might be able to go through and say whether it was social media or otherwise though – possibly. Good idea

  3. LOOKING forward to learning more and hopefully winning thanks

  4. I’m a member of the group 🙂 I love reading your posts x

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