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Social Media Competitions

What are Social Media Competitions

Seasoned compers, like myself, will have realised a fairly recent and dramatic rise in social media competitions. Companies, brands and even individuals are finding that giveaways help to increase visibility of and interaction with their social media pages.

Other benefits of giveaways include online reviews and brand loyalty. For example, Joe Browns weren’t a company I had ever bought from before, but since winning a top from them, I consider them to be one of my favourite brands. The quality and fit of the prize I received from them instilled faith in their products. I will also be reviewing the various holidays that I win on my blog, once again, providing value to the awarding organisation.

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What sort of prizes are available and where?

Most social media platforms offer a plethora of prizes. The majority of these are found across Facebook and Twitter. Instagram competitions, however, are becoming increasingly popular too. There are even prizes to be found on Pinterest and Google+ if you look very carefully.

The general rule is, the larger the brand name, the higher the value of the prize offered. Higher valued prizes though, do tend to receive many more entries. This means that you have far more chance of winning a low value prize from a small independent company, than a large TV from a major electrical supplier. A great tip is to leave entering social media competitions to their closing date, this gives you a better idea of how many total entries there will be as you can see the amount of likes or retweets a post has.

The prize type depends largely on the nature of the business. For example, I once won so much bread from Roberts the Bakery, that I fed my extended family for weeks!  Often cinemas give away free tickets or movie merchandise packs and clothing companies tend to give away clothes. I know, shocking!

There are some strange exceptions, however, which I really enjoy stumbling upon. One example was a funeral directors giving away an iPad! I enjoy these little anomalies so much that I have created a monthly competition in their honour¬†. I will award a prize for whatever makes me chuckle the most and my goal is either to find the weirdest prize in general or the most absurd prize in relation to the organisation giving it e.g a vegan bakery giving away a pig’s head.

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Entry Methods

The most widely used and easiest entry method is the “like and share” or “retweet to enter” type competitions. These are quick, easy and provide an amazing pay off in comparison to your effort. There are also competitive competitions, where you may have to submit a photo or come up with an idea or caption. These require more time and effort, but generally have far fewer entries, because people can’t be bothered with them. I can recommend entering those if you can find them!

My pet peeve in social media competitions is the ‘tag a friend competitions’. I entirely understand, of course, that the main reason for social media giveaways is to promote their brand to a wider audience. That being said, I just really don’t like tagging people.

I enter so many competitions, that the constant tagging of friends and family is at best annoying and borders on rudeness. Sometimes I will enter ‘tag 1 friend’ competitions, but some ask for 5 tags or more, which is just too much for my very polite nature. This is why I created the Prize Warriors Social Media Group.


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